Handmade Dog Car Seat Cover

I recently purchased a new vehicle {named Ruby} and decided it was time to invested in a nice car seat cover to prolong the life of my new seats. However, after searching the internet for a nice seat cover, I couldn’t find anything less than about $85 dollars. Are you serious?! To me, that seemed a little ridiculous for something my cute hairy and sometimes cuddly dirty dog would make a home on during long car rides.

After much research I finally decided it was time to bust out my sewing machine and make one.

{Keep in mind, this was my FIRST EVER sewing project!}

**well, other than making barbie pillows with my mom when I was little**

Now, isn’t this the cutest dog car seat cover you’ve ever seen?!? 🙂

Handmade Dog Seat Cover

Here is a list of supplies you’ll need:

4 yards duck fabric {it’s nice and heavy duty} 2 yards for the top & 2 yards duck fabric for the bottom Make sure each of them is 54 inches in width.

Cotton Batting – I bought enough to fold it in half so there was double the padding

4 one inch plastic buckles

4 yards of one inch cotton strapping



and of course, a sewing machine!

First, I laid out 2 yards of the duck fabric on the carpet, placed the cotton batting on top of that {in order to cut it down to the right size}.


I made sure the leave about an inch around the edges…


Next, fold the edges of the Duck Fabric over about a 1/2 an inch – and then fold it over one more time and pin.


continue to go around the edges of the fabric keeping the ‘folding’ consistent.


Once you’ve got all of the edges pinned, it should look like this:


I made sure to mitre the corners {they’re not perfect but I didn’t think Bentley would mind} 🙂


Once you’re done pinning, you’re ready to start sewing! Finally, you want to have your sewing machine on a counter or a larger surface so you have somewhere to rest the blanket to make for an easy slide under the sewing machine.

THis is what the edges looked like when I was finished:


As you can see, my pup was already a huge fan:

Handmade Car Seat Cover by healthyhappyhearts

This was made to fit a small SUV.

Once the seat cover was finished, I took it out to my vehicle to pin on the straps. I used 1 yard of the cotton strapping for each buckle. Also, when you’re sewing on the straps make sure to run it under the sewing machine back and forth a few times for a sturdy hold.

Bentley couldn’t wait to test it out!!


This was so much fun to make and I think it turned out pretty darn cute, too 🙂

11 thoughts on “Handmade Dog Car Seat Cover

    • It’s a duck twill fabric. I just picked it up at wal-mart. It’s very durable and is tightly woven so it holds up really well and hasn’t faded with washing and it is water resistant. After I wash it I hang it up to dry and it dries fairly quick for being a ‘blanket’.


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